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1331 Group Ltd. with theidentification no.124307 is the operator of Megafreebet. Contact e-mail for registered users is as follows:

Terms of the arrangements

Registered user provides e-mail and name for registration purposes into StarnetsClub.

Content of the arrangements

Registered user will regularly receive exclusive offers and event invitations by e-mail.


User logs in with Facebook or Google+, or by entering his/her name/nickname and e-mail. After verification, the user receives a confirmation e-mail. The registration is complete after clicking on the confirmation button.

Operator obligations

The operator is obliged to send a registered user a maximum of 4 newsletters per month with special offers. The Operator further agrees that in the event that the user unsubscribes, the operator will stop sending such e-mails to the unsubscribed user.


A registered user can unsubscribe from e-mail newsletters and therefore terminate his/her registration with StarnetsClub by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of the e-mail.

Data protection and confidentiality

The operator is committed to treat and access personal data with maximum security and protection. The operator further undertakes not to provide data to third partiesin return for payment or in the form of a lease.